23. ledna 2007 v 18:58 | Denča |  Us5-CD Here We Go
Verse 1:

Now you say you´re confused
You´re looking to find
The right direction maybe
There´s more to see in this life
You feel all alone, it´s hard
To keep on holdin´ on
Give the lord a chance
To make it all right

Bridge A:

He gave his life for our sins
For all of time, lose or win
Now and forever


Jesus always will love me
He´ll always stay by my side
Jesus always will love me
And the truth I cannot deny

Verse 2:

You pray for some hope
You´re wondering why
Sometimes it seems so crazy
Have faith and you´ll be all right
You´re never alone, you´ll find
The strength to carry on
Through the darkest times
he´ll show you the light

Bridge B, Plus C-Part:

And if a time will come that I should fall
I know that he will keep me standin´ tall
Until my dyin´day
I´ll dedicate my life to Jesus

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