23. ledna 2007 v 19:12 | Denča |  Us5-CD Here We Go
Verse 1:
Girl, the only way to make things right
Is for us to be satisfied
So why you wanna waste my time
I´ve been thinking ´bout you
Day and night
I can´t continue with this life
You better make up your mind


People say, I shouldn´t be so blind
Beggin´ after all this time
But your love is my love
It´s something I can´t deny


I can´t deny I´m beggin´
I can´t deny you´re playin´
Why you wanna be so cruel to me
Girl you gotta understand
My love is your love
It´s a feelin´ I can´t deny

Verse 2:
Girl, I need an explanation now
On what this love is all about
And how we´re gonna work this out
Time (time) is passin´
Right before our eyes
We gotta make a sacrifice
Or maybe we should think twice

Fade A:
(Haa´s ...)

Fade B:
I can´t, I can´t leave you
I can´t, I can´t get enough

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